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Julia Lohmann. Rote Kammern Julia Lohmann
Red Chambers

For Julia Lohmann (*1951), cultures that grow historically and geographically and serve research into historical backgrounds and the conditions of geographic regions form the … more... »
2015, German, Englisch / 978-3-941263-69-7
€ 28,00 available
Fred Sandback Fred Sandback  

The American Fred Sandback ( 1943–2003), regarded as one of the major sculptors of his generation, had from the beginning of his art career initially used drawings to formulate … more... »
2014, English / 978-3-941263-68-0
€ 49,00 available
KMW Bd4 Kunstmuseum Winterthur
Katalog der Gemälde und Skulpturen – Band 4

While the first three anthologies were devoted to older phenomena from Hans Asper to Ferdinand Hodler, the French art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the principal … more... »
2014, German / 978-3-941263-45-1
€ 49,00 available
Hans Furer Hans Furer
Catalogue Raisonné Paintings 1971–2013

Hans Furer (born 1955 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland) began as early as 1971 with his first artistic endeavors that over the following years developed into a serious occupation, one … more... »
2014, German, English / 978-3-941263-66-6
€ 44,00 available
Franz Erhard Walther Franz Erhard Walther
Perpetuum mobile
Storage · Pedestal · Action

In Franz Erhard Walther–s art, aesthetic experiences occur in situ and in actu. They are elements of a continual process and part of a dialogical relationship made ­possible by … more... »
2014, German, English / 978-3-941263-63-5
€ 24,00 available
Ed Ruscha Ed Ruscha
Books and Paintings

The oeuvre of the American artist Ed Ruscha (born 1937 in Omaha, Nebraska) is difficult to categorize. On the one hand, his early depictions of company logos, gas stations and … more... »
2013, German, English / 978-3-941263-57-4
€ 32,00 available
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