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Giovanni Anselmo Giovanni Anselmo
There is hardly an artist who so impressively embodies the concept of –Arte povera? like Govanni Anselmo, born 1934, lives in Turin. The mediums he uses for his works are … more... »
2013, German, English / 978-3-941263-58-1
€ 25,00 available
Das doppelte Bild Das doppelte Bild
Aspekte zeitgenössischer Malerei

Since the beginning of the 1980s, works of Appropriation Art critically question the value and the claim of the ­originality of artworks as well as the innovation myth of their … more... »
2013, German, English / 978-3-941263-61-1
€ 39,00 available
Fabro 100 disegni Luciano Fabro
100 Disegni

Luciano Fabro (born 1936 in Turin, died 2007 in Milan) used simple materials from everyday life in his sculptural works as well as valuable classical material such as marble, … more... »
2013, English / 978-3-941263-55-0
€ 39,00 available
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