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Ad Reinhardt. Letzte Bilder Ad Reinhardt
Last Paintings

The paintings of the American artist, Ad Reinhardt (born 1913 in Buffalo, died 1967 in New York) were from the start defined by their clear geometrical forms. ­Reinhardt, who … more... »
2011, English / 978-3-941263-23-9
€ 49,00 out of print
Markus Ambach. Wildlife Markus Ambach
wildlife. ein garten von. für künstler

The Düsseldorf artist Markus Ambach has, over a period of three years and in the very center of Neuss, made available to artists and friends an old allotment garden, which he was …
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2006, German / 978-3-937572-42-0
€ 32,00 out of print
Giovanni Anselmo Giovanni Anselmo
There is hardly an artist who so impressively embodies the concept of –Arte povera? like Govanni Anselmo, born 1934, lives in Turin. The mediums he uses for his works are … more... »
2013, German, English / 978-3-941263-58-1
€ 25,00 available
Antwerpen/Bruxelles –60 Antwerpen/Bruxelles –60
Bram Bogart, Englebert Van Anderlecht, Jef Verheyen

After Cobra and Tachisme and alongside of Nouveau Réalisme and Zero, Bram Bogart (1921), Englebert Van Anderlecht (1918-1961) and Jef Verheyen (1932-1984) developed an … more... »
2002, German / 78-3-933807-77-9
€ 19,50 out of print
Arp_Craig-Martin Arp – Craig-Martin – Arp
In appropriating eleven sculptures, eleven reliefs and eleven objects by Hans Arp, the artist Michael Craig-Martin (born 1941 in Dublin and living in London) presents everyday … more... »
2006, German, English / 978-3-937572-14-7
€ 25,00 out of print
Hans Arp Hans Arp
Die Natur der Dinge

The sculptor Jean Arp (1886–1966) is considered one of the pioneers of 20th century non-figurative sculpture. Characteristic of his organic formal vocabulary are his …
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2007, German, French, English / 978-3-937572-74-1
€ 19,00 out of print
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