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Giovanni Anselmo
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Giovanni Anselmo
Bilingual German and English edition

52 pages,
35 color plates
8.85 x 11.8 inches
Giovanni Anselmo
There is hardly an artist who so impressively embodies the concept of –Arte povera? like Govanni Anselmo, born 1934, lives in Turin. The mediums he uses for his works are spare. At the same time they speak of a fundamental experience, that of infusing energy into physical matter. Sculpture and material were to Anselmo not sufficient to communicate this living experience. He therefore created works in the most varied media–objects, drawings, ­photographs–in which forces like that of gravity could be made sensually perceptible.
The works shown in this publication exemplarily ­illustrate the basic elements of his artistic work: his observation and analysis of natural processes and ­energies.
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