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Markus Ambach. Wildlife
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Markus Ambach
wildlife. ein garten von. für künstler

Bilingual German and
English edition
144 pages with
340 color plates
6.25 x 10.5 inches
Markus Ambach
wildlife. ein garten von. für künstler

The Düsseldorf artist Markus Ambach has, over a period of three years and in the very center of Neuss, made available to artists and friends an old allotment garden, which he was fortunate enough to –inherit– from an old and gifted gardener. In this piece of overgrown nature, the most diversified of projects have been realized, such as readings, cinema shows and concerts. But above all, artists were given the opportunity to produce and to present their work in this hortus conclusus. Thus, from the big city, Andrea Knobloch sent along a large concrete plant tub to recuperate in this green oasis. Holger Nikisch exchanged a square meter of newly developed land wrested from the sea for an old, undisturbed part of the garden. Thomas Rentmeister created a setting for his Madonna, made from a red-wine bottle and Plasticine. In a non-art context, the artistic work on an engagement with nature and in communication with the other participants evolves its own independent form for the articulation of ideas and insights.
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