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Arp ‚?? Craig-Martin ‚?? Arp
In appropriating eleven sculptures, eleven reliefs and eleven objects by Hans Arp, the artist Michael Craig-Martin (born 1941 in Dublin and living in London) presents everyday...
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2006, German, English / 978-3-937572-14-7
€ 25,00 out of print
Artschwager_Texts Richard Artschwager
Texts and Interviews

The laconic, concisely handcrafted works by Richard Artschwager (born 1923) that deny verbalization hardly make it conceivable to the viewer that the artist has, in fact, often...
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2004, English / 978-3-933807-85-4
€ 10,00 out of print
ArtschwagerZeichnungen Richard Artschwager
Drawings 1960‚??2002

Richard Artschwager, born 1923 in Washington D.C., is one of the artists whose works do not fit into the established categories of contemporary art. At the beginning of the...
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2004, German, English / 978-3-933807-84-7
€ 17,00 out of print
balance pr√©caire ‚?? gef√§hrdetes gleichgewicht ‚?? precarious balance balance pr√©caire ‚?? gef√§hrdetes gleichgewicht ‚?? precarious balance

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1997, German, English / 978-3928762-76-2
€ 14,00 out of print
Willi Baumeister. Gemälde und Zeichnungen Willi Baumeister
Gemälde und Zeichnungen

Willi Baumeister (1889‚??1955), one of the major representatives of the historical avant-garde, is classed among those German artists who were able to uphold the ideas and hopes...
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2011, German / 978-3-941263-34-5
€ 39,00 out of print
Lothar Baumgarten Lothar Baumgarten ‚?? Air
Every traveler treasures his/her recollection of the Venetian chimneys that have, since the Middle Ages, made the roof skyline of Venice so unmistakable. These...
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2006, German, Italian, English / 978-3-933807-46-5
€ 10,00 out of print
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