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Julia Lohmann. Rote Kammern
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Julia Lohmann
Red Chambers

Bilingual German
and English edition

Beate Reifenscheid
Gabriele Uelsberg

88 pages,
57 color plates
11.5 x 10 inches

Julia Lohmann
Red Chambers

For Julia Lohmann (*1951), cultures that grow historically and geographically and serve research into historical backgrounds and the conditions of geographic regions form the foundation of her creative work. Though ¬≠painting and the creation of installations and sculptures are hereby the cornerstones of her artistic engagement, she is likewise the author of texts, photos and films.  
In the work unit ‚??Rote Kammern‚?Ě, which in China were rooms once reserved for women in a home‚??s upper stories, her concern for the threat to, and the extinction of, ancient Chinese cultures becomes visible. Her awareness of existences under threat‚??which was not least of all sharpened by her studies at the D√ľsseldorf ¬≠Academy under Joseph Beuys‚??is made evident in the painting-sculptural transformation of these rooms. Accompanied by a video reciting texts written by former missionaries offering the first detailed information on this inaccessible country make adequately clear how ¬≠long this ¬≠Chinese Empire has remained closed to the west.   
In contrast to these paint-objects, her more recent works, Horizonte in Bewegung [horizons in movement], reveal that the artist has converted color modulations of light-flooded landscapes into abstract painting, in part on aluminum supports or as picture objects set on the floor.
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