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Antwerpen/Bruxelles ‚??60
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Antwerpen/Bruxelles ‚??60
Bram Bogart, Englebert Van Anderlecht, Jef Verheyen


Dieter Schwarz

152 pages,
33 color and
38 duotone plates,
9 x 6.7 inches
Antwerpen/Bruxelles ‚??60
Bram Bogart, Englebert Van Anderlecht, Jef Verheyen

After Cobra and Tachisme and alongside of Nouveau R√©alisme and Zero, Bram Bogart (1921), Englebert Van Anderlecht (1918-1961) and Jef Verheyen (1932-1984) developed an independent and outstanding painting style. While Van Anderlecht pursued a form of lyrical abstraction pushed to its limits that sought an answer to American Abstract Expressionism, Verheyen took inspiration for his monochrome paintings from Italy, primarily from Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni. Bogart gave his linear painting an objective form by applying paint as a material in its own right. The paths the three painters took were as different as the background to their work: Verheyen‚??s and Van Anderlecht‚??s literary friendships, Bogart‚??s roots in expressive Flemish painting. Thus their work, in retrospect, did not look to be a variation on trends current at the time. This publication allows us to discover a neglected chapter in the history of newer European painting.

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